From the recording The Memoirs of a Madman

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Vocals by Michael Martins
Recorded by Harjeet Pabla
Produced, Engineered, Arrangement, Mixed by Leonardo Santini Recorded at MH Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2011 © Michael Martins

Mhmm, ya, ya, ya

There, there are so many stories

Around this world

That will make your heart bleed

I'm gonna tell you

About some that I see

There's a little girl

With a stare of sadness

She living through cruelty and abuse

There's a little boy

Hiding a fatal secret

That soon will tie his noose

Let us all stand up

To these challenges

And fight with...


Stand up and rise

To fight for your rights

With all of your might, hold on tight

To the dreams you wished so many nights


You'll make it

I myself, I know what hurt is

Left by my dad

When I was just three

But let me tell you now...

Now that I am free

And the girl

With the stare of sadness,

Has turned into a woman

Full of hardships

And the little boy

With a secret

He's about to jump off the edge...

Let us stand up

To these challenges

And fight with...


Stand up and rise

To fight, for our rights

With all of your mights, hold on tight

To the dreams, you wished through so many nights



Through the long nights,

(Through those nights)

We held on tight,

(And you'll be alright)

and we'll be alright,

(uhm... Bravehearts listen up)

Hey, Bravehearts

We open them up,

(Open them up)

Let them speak out,

(Let them speak out)

Leap out our chests

Creating a union hearts:

(Oh there'll be, baby there'll be...)

That were once searching,

Once needing, full of regrets

No regrets...


They stood up and rose, to fight for there rights

(You fight for your rights!)

With all of there mights

They held tight, to the dreams, they held deep inside


It's deep inside you


That you hold, you hold your key

It's the light to your life,

so open your mind, to what you have inside


Can take it


Will make it


So the story goes on...

About girl the little girl and the boy...

where she is now happily married

And the boy...

He is free to be himself...

Be himself, all at last