STAR is an all-around artist at heart. STAR is talented and dreams very big. Ve wants to share vis singing, dancing, and acting talents with the world, but ve is caught at a crossroads with two paths to choose from. On one path, ve is free to do what ve loves—to have fun and be free to be the way ve truly wants to be. The other path is where ve tucks away vis passion and soul and stops dreaming big. But with the help of vis brave teacher, Mx. Magic, STAR learns to dream bigger and more freely than ve ever has before...


STAR’S DREAM is an introspective and self-reflective account inspired by the true-life experiences of the author. Through this book, Michael makes sense of his childhood challenges and shows that he has paid attention to brave conversations that he has had with his students in his current role as a professional educator. This story is a call to acceptance and self-love, and aims to build up children to dream big and live their lives by being true to who they are. It is heavily focused on character development, anti-bullying, and brave conversations and is written in simple language for early years learners, all wrapped into one equitable read. 



Copyright © 2021 by Michael B. Martins


I am Steven and I have a dream.

A dream to be whatever I choose to be.

There are many things I can do, you see.

First Page


I win the showcase for best talent, 

I am now a STAR, excited with joy. 

It doesn't matter whether I’m a girl or boy!

- Last Page