From the recording The Memoirs of a Madman

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Vocals by Michael Martins
Recorded by Harjeet Pabla
Produced, Engineered, Arrangement, Mixed by Leonardo Santini Recorded at MH Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2010 © Michael Martins

As I sit here,

In this room where it all took place

and a breeze of wind creeps past my face

And a single candle throws our past shadows on the walls

It was in this room,

Where our hearts...

Where our hearts became one in tune

And now, I realized, my love for you was true

Now baby, now, now I really miss you (I'll miss you)

Whatever happened to everything we had?

Where did the love go?

(where did the love go?)

I don’t know, but all I know is this...


I remember the nights we shared

When we laid their still

I remember (as we laid there still)

That we laid there still

With each other’s heart hand in hand


I will love (for all my life)

For all my life, with all my might baby

With all I have inside

Still... (I will wait there for you)

I will remain there waiting until the end

Coz' baby I know that deep down inside,

(that deep down), we are still friend

It was alone,

That I realized...

I realized that I loved you more

And the thought of a cold and empty home

Made me longed to have you back home in my arms

This love...

This love was true,

That our hearts they felt brand new

And I know, I know now...

I know, I know our love was true

Where did the love go?

I don’t know (I don't know)

All I know is this, all I know is this...

Still I...

I remember the nights we shared

I remember when laid there naked in bed,

with each other’s heart, in each others hand

(I will love you)

Still (I will love you)…

I will love still

I'll remain, I'll remain here still

Babe, I know that I want you

And I... (still),

Beg that we stay like this until the end,

(I will love you),

(but I still love you)

Just stay with me (together)…,

until the end (till the end)

Coz’ I know...

Know now, that this love ain’t going no where

Although broken (although broken)

Baby, it's not, baby, It’s not...

It's not dead

No matter the time,

No matter the hurt,

No matter the pain, we caused each...,

(the pain)

I know now, (I know)

I know we still love, baby we love one another

And there is a secret between you and I

It's that our love is true

and hearts are in tune

and baby, baby I still love


I will love you...

I will love you with my might

With all I have inside


I still love you


I love you still...