From the recording The Memoirs of a Madman

Vocals, Produced, Recorded, Engineered, Mixed by Michael Martins


IN THE MIDST (Unconscious vs. Conscious)
2012 © Michael Martins

So, who is the MADMAN?

Well, Michael Martins or MM, of course. But, I can only talk about myself in the third person; if I was actually crazy or mad, well perhaps? But, wait I am talking to you (the listener)…

Have you gone mad? Are you into the crazy or am I the crazy one?

If you nodded; yes or no, then you must be real a real person... HAHA... I caught you! It was intentionally on my part to ask you that because since you answered; I can now affirm that we are in a conscious state mind. The sheer fact, that more the one person that might listening is nodding their head in agreement or disagreement, doesn't matter which one...? It proves my question, it proves that I am lucid (so crazy), it proves that my hypothesis that an unconscious and conscious state of mind cannot exist either one without another. They are entities which are in perfect balance (black and white) and equilibrium (yin yang) of each other (duality).

Now, that you have experienced and heard my madness or in other words my love story. Let me open another story book for you; one that relate to you stories of hurt and pain and that are free from symbols, metaphors and paradoxes. Stories of love and pain in their actuality, in the way they literally happened, as mere descriptive retellings…

Enjoy the ride…